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I live in Silicon Valley, near San Jose, California. I grew up on the North Fork of eastern Long Island, about 110 miles east of New York City. The rich and famous live on the South Fork of the Island. The North Fork was mainly farming and fishing back then. I have lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Alamogordo, New Mexico; Reno, Nevada; Sunnyvale, California; and (briefly) Tokyo, Japan.

I have degrees in Electrical Engineering, and in Aeronautics and Astronautics (M.I.T., 1969), Applied Mathematics and Statistics (Stony Brook), and Computer Science (University of Santa Clara). My first career was as a flight test engineer specializing in the testing of navigation systems. My second career was in computer graphics, and I ultimately founded a small company that has been operating since 1990. These days computer graphics is a commodity, and I’m getting old. So now I am trying my hand at web authoring.

One of the advantages of being old, actually the only one that comes to mind, is that a lifetime of interests starts to gel. What I bring to the blogosphere is this eclectic array of interests. I can be fooled, but I think I’m less likely to be fooled by phony statistics or bad science than the average blogger … or average Congress person. You can be the judge.

You can contact me through the comment form below, or by responding with a comment to one of the articles. Your name and e-mail address are optional. You can leave them blank or put in something fanciful if you wish. All comments are monitored before posting, so you can note a communication as private if you don’t want the world to see it. I will discard all spam and garbage.